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Preventative maintenance is like going to your doctor for a check-up. It gives you and the professional an opportunity to catch an issue before it turns into a problem causing serious damage.


Ignoring symptoms like fluid leaks, low tires, or abnormal sounds will result in a more costly repair. The benefits of maintaining your car are obvious, it will save you money. The cost of parts and labor are tiny compared with the cost of extensive repair work due if you neglect regular maintenance.

  • For your safety and for that of your family, it is important to have your car regularly serviced in order to keep it running efficiently. If you take care of your car, then it will take care of you!


  • Every ride in your car needs to be as safe as possible. Under VA law you are required to have your vehicle inspected every single year to make your car meets safety standards set by the Virginia State Police. The inspection includes lights, brakes, etcetera. 


  • Today's vehicles are equipped with highly sophisticated computerized electronic engine control systems.


  • The computer receives information from a network of sensors which tells your ignition, fuel and control systems what to do.

  • Taking your vehicle to us each month can help make sure your vehicle is operating correctly and running smoothly.

  • You can also raise the hood and not be intimidated by following a few simple recommendations for owner maintenance.

  • Regular service is the best way for you to save money on automotive costs and save time on easily avoidable mechanical problems.

  • Balancing your tires is important. If overlooked, tires can lead to uneven wear, vibration, and dangerous driving conditions.


  • Tires should be selected by the correct size for the vehicle and should be purchased in sets of four, or at least matching sets of two on front or rear.


  • Rotating your vehicle's tires ensures that your tread will wear down evenly and allowing your tires to last longer.

  • Your vehicle relies on oil, lubrication and an oil filter to keep it running smoothly. Every three months/3,000 miles for regular oil or six months/6,000 miles for synthetic oil.

  • Brakes are one of the most important components of your vehicle. You need the confidence of knowing that when you press your foot to the brake, your vehicle is going to stop. Keep these tips in mind to help keep your brakes functioning properly.

  • Our friendly and certified staff can diagnose your AC and get you rolling down the streets with your windows up!

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